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14th October 2012

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Realistic Pokemon by RJ Palmer

Pokemon are serious business and we’re lucky to have dedicated artistic professionals like RJ to portray their true anatomies, backed up by science: Bulbasaur isnt a frog, you silly cartoonists, he’s got “SAUR” in his name, and if you’re familiar with these things we call dinosaurs, you’ll know that means big fuggin’ lizard. RJ’s depictions place most of the pokemon somewhere in the Permian to late Triassic, with Pokemon Trainers used as scale (though whether Pokemon Trainers existed in Prehistory is debatable).

Artist: DeviantArt / Tumblr / Livestream


I feel like Reshiram is the sort of image that needs to be brought out whenever people say that feathered dinosaurs are lame. “If you think that bird-like dinosaurs are lame, then you obviously don’t know enough about birds.”

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