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21st July 2012

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The Megas' New Album "History Repeating: Blue" is Out →

The Megas are an LA-based band that performs rock covers of Megaman music, adding lyrics meant to lay out the personalities of the characters. Their first album was based on Megaman 2, focusing on the Robot Masters. They released a single about the first game as well.

I find them to be competent performers, but I had two problems—the lead singer doesn’t have much range, and more problematic, they had really crappy lyrics. The songs dedicated to Woodman and Dr. Light stand out in this regard.

So when the new album came out (the first of two based on Megaman 3), I figured I’d give it a listen to see if they’d improved. I was shocked by the quality of the music. The sound is much the same as in previous albums, but mother of God, the lyrics are a lot better. It didn’t strike me how high the quality had really become until Snakeman’s song, which surprised me with how good and thematically appropriate it was.

Then Gamma’s song started. Gamma’s song and the following song by Dr. Light are absolutely spectacular, and form an excellent basis for a reinterpretation of Megaman 3's story (especially since the original game's cut scenes glitched out, leaving it with very little real story). Those two songs were enough to make me buy an album, and start looking forward to the second one.

If I have any problem with the album, it’s that the singer’s lack of flexibility makes it really hard to tell which song is meant to be sung by whom. I’m still not sure who’s singing the second song (I’m guessing Megaman talking to himself, but it might be Dr. Wily? I dunno). That’s why it took me a while to figure out that Snakeman’s song was so good—I couldn’t tell that it was Snakeman at first. So the band still has some improving to do, but I quite like where it’s headed.

The link leads to a place for you to listen to and purchase the album. Listening is free, so I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

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