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4th November 2011

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Troll blob!

…Yeah, I don’t think I can tag everyone involved. THOSE ANCESTORS WERE AMAZING, especially some of the faces they pulled. It was great to see Liesles again! I don’t think I ever caught the name of the Karkat with the grub pinned to ‘em.

EDIT: Forgot a photo!

Dangle dangle dangle.

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    jflkadfj found a Summoner cosplay. THOSE HORNS. Gotta find a tutorial for dem things. Hoping to cosplay him for...
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    The English language doesn’t not contain adequate words to express my feelings over this. So instead I will sit here,...
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    What what what what is this. I wasn’t at the con or anything but Bryanna’s shown me pictures and we had to spend like...
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    Nicole you are such a cute Sollux
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    You mean you’re the cutest Sollux *ubububu*
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    So many awesome cosplays at YCon :D
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    omg that condesce is too awesome
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