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21st September 2011

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Worldbuilding Wednesday Meme

Worldbuilding Wednesday, eh? I enjoy a spot of universe creation. Let’s make a game out of it!

The rules: I’ll make a form for you to fill out and put in my Ask. In each field, enter a word or phrase, and my task is to take that word or phrase and spin it into a paragraph about the world in question. The field:

The Genre:
The Science:
The Wonder:
The Big:
The Small:
The Good:
The Bad:
The Twist:

And definitions:
The Genre: (Fairly obvious)
The Science: (A word related to how science—or magic—work in the setting, and what level of tech/magic use we’re talking about here, since even space opera can be made to work with medieval technology)
The Wonder: (A word relating to some spectacular, stand-out feature of the setting)
The Big: (A word related to a major plot point that everyone would know about)
The Small: (A word related to a minor setting detail that adds fluff to the world)
The Good: (A word related to what the protagonists look like)
The Bad: (A word related to what the antagonists look like)
The Twist: (A word related to how things in the setting aren’t what they seem—the crux on which the assumed conflict in a story set here would turn)

Hopefully, this isn’t too complicated. Have at ye!

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    Let’s do this againnnn, followers~ (The two prompts in my ask from last week are gonna be uploaded later today too,...
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    guys this sounds REALLY COOL i want to do it!
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    I’m not totally done with last week’s tally, but screw it, let’s do it again! Have at ye!
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    I will always do this. I will do this for characters too. Day or time is immaterial, it is always time for this.
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    Do this please? c: I’ll probably spend a little time on each one I get, then post them all when Wednesday rolls around...
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    ooooh i want to do thissssss. i am lots less ornery than icy, i’ll do any world from the list if you care to specify! if...
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    Yes please. All over the place.
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    :v this sounds neat - i’d like to try this out
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    This is very cool. I like this. Feel free to send me these things
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    Oh wow, this is cool.
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    JOW YOU ARE A+ HAVE AT ME BROS (I Will Work On These When I Get Home If I Get Any)