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18th September 2014

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Jason Momoa for Men’s Health UK October issue (x)

He could wreck it. Whenever.

I can see why this guy is Khal Drogo and Aquaman. I am okay with these casting decisions.

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16th September 2014

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Man, *I’ve* never been invited to one of these game dev / game journo sex parties that GamerGate keeps talking about! Come on fellow journos/Devs, where are you hiding them?

This may be the dumbest/most hilarious/most WTF claim of GamerGate.

"The main source of corruption in gaming and gaming journalism is clearly—"

"Game publishers making their advertising money contingent on good reviews on game journalism sites?"

"What? No, it’s—"

"Reviewers getting witch-hunts called on them by fans if they speak a word of critique at the New Hotness?"

"What are you…? No, it’s—"

"Game sites firing journalists that give big-budget games anything lower than an 8/10?"

"Stop interrupting me, it’s—"

"Game publishers making pay for game designers explicitly linked to numerical review scores, incentivizing reviewers to inflate their scores to avoid hurting overworked programmers?"

"Grrrr, no, it’s—"

"Game sites putting out publishers’ press releases as their only news, effectively acting as their PR sock puppets?"

"SEX! The main source of corruption in gaming and gaming journalism is sex!"


"Yeah, all these women are turning game journalists into evil feminists by sleeping with them. THAT’S the big problem. It’s a feminazi conspiracy!"

"…I think my brain just melted."

Tagged: gaming journalismgamergateI repeat:the whole 'journalistic ethics' thing is an obvious smokescreen for trying to hound women and feminists out of gaming circlesthere is a lot wrong with gaming journalismTHE LIST OF THINGS WRONG DOES NOT INCLUDE FUCKING FEMINISTS

15th September 2014

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Podcast Recommendations?

I have a new job starting tomorrow (by which I mean a return to my old job). Traditionally, I like to listen to podcasts while I work, since my job involves a lot of rote hand movements that leaves my brain and ears unengaged. While I have a decent backlog of podcasts to grind to, I’m going to need to introduce fresh stock soon. So if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

My current array consists mostly of historical podcasts (topics covered include alchemy, China, the Papacy, Britain, Hannibal, ancient European warfare, and the Arab Spring, plus Hardcore History and Twilight Histories); Warmachine podcasts; a few World of Darkness podcasts; a sweet strategy game podcast; and, of course, Welcome to Night Vale.

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8th September 2014

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Greg Costikyan - Gamersgate: STFU


NOTE: This was originally posted by Greg Costikyan over at Gamesutra. It was taken down for excessive profanity. All I haveto say is “fuck that.” This needs to be read. 

Gamersgate: STFU by Greg Costikyan

"As a male voice in the game industry," writes my daughter Vicky, "you should speak out about this."


I wanted to hold my tongue. Because when I let loose, it usually does me no favors. But she’s right.


What do you think you’re defending? An industry in which greed-head executives make brain-dead games on a yearly basis that show little to no innovation from one title to the next? You fucking -want- Madden? And the next Call of Duty game, same as the last but with new content from hundreds of exploited drones working hours that destroy relationships because the suits think that’s what they want?

For decades, we had a market that catered to Maxim-reading horny boy-men who bought games by developers who spent man-years on developing better physics to make tits bounce in the next beach volleyball title. For decades, we had shameless manager jackasses who thought the best way to market their titles was to hire high-breasted bimbos to pose and giggle at their booths at E3.

For decades, we had the best creative minds of our industry SHUT DOWN whenever they proposed the slightest design innovation, because increasing budgets meant all design risk must be minimized.

For decades, we had no way for people who wanted to do anything creative be able to find any path to market.

Finally, finally, and thank god, we have a viable path of market for indies, and a way for people who want to express themselves through games that will never sell in the millions to find a market. And you find that a PROBLEM?

What kind of blinkered idiots you are?

And of course, indies do whatever the fuck they can to get noticed, because they don’t have MILLIONS OF MARKETING DOLLARS TO SPEND. What the fuck would you expect?

Let me explain something do you. Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision: Mutimillionare. Anna Anthrophy? Stroppy indie developer who probably has problems paying her rent. Who has the power here? What the fuck are you talking about?

There’s some kind of conspiracy by the in-group to promote indie games at the expense of “real” games? What the fuck are you talking about? Who cares who Zoe Quinn fucked, or didn’t fuck? It’s none of your fucking business, unless you were one of the people involved, and most of you would give your left kidney to fuck her, if you had any brains. You are unlikely ever to touch anyone with an iota of her talent or intelligence.

And what does that even mean? Have you suddenly noticed that the game industry is undergoing weird changes as a result of this supposed conspiracy? The next Call of Duty being cancelled in favor of triple-A treatment of the next Anna Anthropy design?

Do people who actually care about whether games can be more than degraded violence porn for young men sometimes get together and talk about games that actually matter? And do they sometimes write about such games?

You’re fucking right they do! And you should be fucking grateful that someday a more mature and interesting landscape of videogames may emerge from that! That’s not what we call “conspiracy;” that’s what we call “gamers who care about games.”

And what is it with this mysoginistic bullshit?

I want to tell you some stories.

1. The studio head who invited me -and a female employee- to join them at a strip club at a conference, expecting we would all enjoy this as a ‘fun time.’

2. The party given by an industry marketing firm where I and Dan Scherlis were approached by a scantily clad woman who was evidently hired to show their clients a good time (not necessarily including actual fornication) and had to explain that we were both involved with people we cared about, and actually were having a perfectly enjoyable time talking to each other.
3. The -very- gay friend of mine who was hired by another firm and started sweating when I approached their booth at a conference, in fear that I would reveal his sexual orientation to his new boss.

4. My friend, Dan Bunten, a seminal figure in early PC gaming, who decided he was a woman, and after extensive surgery, became Danielle Bunten Berry. “Shabbily treated” wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

I have no idea why gender and such is even an issue in this conversation. Women have always been a minority in the games industry, to its loss; but they have never been entirely missing. Roberta Williams created the Sierra adventures. Brenda Garno, later Brathwaite, later Romero, was one of the key talents behind the Wizardry series.

If you look at recent IGDA surveys, 80+% of all jobs in the industry are held by men. This is a problem, particularly as industry surveys say that a majority of gamers are women. To be sure, they’re playing Candy Crush and not Call of Duty, and maybe that doesn’t qualify as a “real game” to you, but if so, fuck off. Games are games, games are good, and it’s great that more people are playing them. Stop masturbating with your console controller and get a life.

Anita Sirkeesian has told some pretty obvious truths about the treatment of women in games; controversial ones, and others are free to debate them, but “debate” doesn’t normally involve threats to rape or kill.

You can like, or not like, Zoe Quinn’s work; tastes vary. But her sex life is not, and never has been, any of your fucking business.

Leigh Alexander is one of the most interesting journalists working in games.

This is bullshit, you are assholes, and shut the fuck up.

Deal with the fact that not all games are, or will be in the future, the same corporate crap that you apparently love so much. And understand that the money-grubbing entities who dole out this crap will continue to feed your fix, because it’s a far larger market than is reached by the indie people, whom you despise and spit on, can possibly ever hope to reach.

You’re attacking people who have problems making their rent, apparently in defense of people who make millions off your fanboy lusts; and somehow feel threatened by people who love games — as I supposed you do — but love games that are a little different.

You are assholes.

Worse, you are poor examples of men. Men, good men, defend women. They do not attack them.

To which end: To defend the honor of Anita Sirkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Leigh Alexander, or yes, Anna Anthropy, I will be willing to meet any of you, on horse or afoot, with sword or pistol, at a time and place of your choosing.

It is time this stopped.

EDIT: Original cached post here, courtesy of James Wallis. 


"This is bullshit, you are assholes, and shut the fuck up."

This sums up the correct response to #GamerGate pretty neatly. Well done, Mr. Costikyan.

(There are a few problematic bugs with regard to how he presents Ms. Berrry and the faint ‘chivalry’ toward the end and blah blah blah. The perfect is the enemy of the good, and this is good.)

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8th September 2014

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paradoxicull replied to your post “Kind of considering moving from Concord to someplace with more young…”

berkeley is like $2000 a month for a studio apartment

I’d almost certainly be looking around in Oakland, as a good compromise on multiple factors of living in the Bay Area. Whatever choice I make will almost certainly be more expensive than where I live, which is frustrating. But if it means getting out of a crappy not-suburb  on the fringes of the Central Valley, it may well be worth it.

Tagged: paradoxicullbay areaI suppose if anyone closer to the bay is looking for a roommate let me know

7th September 2014

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Kind of considering moving from Concord to someplace with more young people and less of an ‘urban wasteland Americana’ feel, like Oakland or Berkeley or even SF proper. No idea if this is a good idea, or a massive pain in the ass and financial cost in the name of going someplace where the grass is greener and I’m still an incompetent shut-in. Plus then it’d be a lot harder to get to the job I just agreed to start.

Tagged: mopey horseshitConcord is a shitholebut I suspect that being in a place with more people and taller buildings won't magically make me more outgoing or more able to go find and

7th September 2014


Story time!

So way back when I started being interested in dating, I was pretty mopey about the whole process. My thought process was that any woman I found attractive would have already gotten a [i]lot[/i] of attention from other guys, because attractive women tend to, and I was sufficiently unremarkable a person that I had no hope of standing out in the crowd with most people.

My perspective has shifted somewhat since. The postulate that any woman I find attractive has gotten tons of attention still seems to hold true (as well as any woman that I don’t find as attractive). But now I have a better understanding that that constant attention is fucking annoying for the women in question. So in addition to my general mopeyness about not being a particularly interesting romantic prospect, I know that if I try my own hand at being a suitor, I’m just contributing to that problem of constant unwanted male attention. So I’m left with the same bleak prospect about the whole ‘dating’ concept, with an extra dash of feminist fury thrown in.


Tagged: mopey horseshitI'm not sure I explained this wellI've lent a sympathetic ear to a lot of women I know annoyed by gross masculine attentionand I don't want to contribute to the problem for any given woman that I find myself liking a lot

6th September 2014

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Asked The Girl out, got a well-considered negative reply. A bit unfortunate, but I mostly just appreciate that it was an unambiguous ‘no’. That’s one less thing to press on my mind.

Realized that for a lot of women, getting asked out by a guy they only kindasorta know may be a nerve-wracking thing. There’s no way to tell if my reaction to a negative reply will be, “All right, cool, glad that we know where we stand and can be friends,” or, “FUCK YOU HOW DARE YOU SAY NO TO ME.” I mean, I know what my response will be when I put forward the offer, but I’m very much a quantum psychopath to everyone else. I’m not sure how to avoid this problem.

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5th September 2014

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it’s 2014 why do boys still think girls like the smell of axe

idk bout u but i love the smell of an axe in my hands. smells like wood polish and cold iron. smells like power and fear. 



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5th September 2014

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I’m cosplaying Skarre Ravenmane for Lock & Load next summer which is great I’m totally excited I love Warmachine

but I agreed to this before noticing that she wears a god damn chainmail miniskirt

no one should allow straight guys to design characters anymore

Right? A big part of why I started up Warmachine is because it has more women with less sexualized outfits than almost any other miniatures game I’ve seen out there (Infinity is sort of okay in this regard). But Skarre sort of makes me cringe—partially because of stupid chainmail miniskirt, and partially because of the immature joke on her card. “Great Rack”? Really?

(This reminds me, I did want to put a costume together for either Caine or Morghoul for next year’s L&L. I… should do something about that.)

Tagged: warmachinecryxskarreSkarre has a pair of large horns on her headshe's also busty because FANTASY ART!So she has a Great RackHarr harr get it?